Top Ten Games to Play in the Car With Your Kids

Every parent on a long car trip with their kids has had the incessant “are we nearly there yet?” question thrown at them, or in the case of my youngest; “How many more minutes is it?”, usually asked shortly after we’ve set off. When your children are beyond toddlerdom, the usual car games for kids like “I Spy” and “Count the Cows” just will not do. Here’s a list of six games to play in the car that will keep everyone, including the adults, amused for hours on end.

  1. Once upon a time…
    Start off with an opener like “Once upon a time there was a princess call Smelly Toes” Each person then takes it in turns to make up the next sentence in the story. The more off the wall the better. This is a great car game to play for developing your kids’ imagination.

  2. XXX’s Got Talent Game
    Insert your country or family name above. This is a car version of the popular TV Franchise. The game is best if there are at least four people in the car. Here’s what you do: Firstly, decide who the three judges will be and who will be the first contestant. Each judge should pretend to be a person from the actual show. The contestant then performs an act of their choosing, such as singing, animal noises, playing a tune through your nose, etc. A judge can buzz off a particularly bad act before it has finished! At the end of the act, each judge gives their opinion using the persona of the judge in the show, and decides whether the contestant will go through to the final. After each go, switch the judges and contestant round until every one has performed. The best part of this game is the judging!

  3. I went to the Shops and bought a…
    To start off the game, the first person must think of an object beginning with the letter ‘A’, for example. avocado, and then say “I went to the shops and bought an avocado”. The next person has to think up an object beginning with ‘B’, e.g. blueberry pie and say “I went to the shops and bought an avacado and a blueberry pie”. This carries on until you get to ‘Z’! You can vary the game by substituting a Zoo for the Shop etc.

  4. Make up a Song Contest
    Half of the car are the singers and the other half are the judges. One of the judges decides the topic of the song that the contestants are going to sing, for example, ‘The Beach’. The contestants take it in turns to make up a song about that topic and then each judge gives their comments on the song and gives a vote of 1 to 10 points. The judges and contestants then swap round and the winner of each round goes through to the final.

  5. Hangman
    Like the paper version of the game, Player One thinks of a word and the others take it in turns to guess a letter or the actual word. Player one will say whether or not the letter is in the word and if so, the position(s) of the letter. If you get to ten (or fifteen depending on the age of the kids) incorrect guesses for the letter/word, Player One wins. The winner of the game then takes the lead.

  6. The Bad Answer Game
    Player One thinks of an object, place or person. The others take it in turns to guess what it is. At the start of each turn, Player One has to give a clue that must be correct, but should be as bad, vague or silly as possible so that it is hard to guess. For example a clue for “Chocolate” might be “Auntie Jo likes it”. If no one guesses it after twenty answers, Player One wins; otherwise, it goes to the person that guessed correctly.

  7. Twenty Questions

    The classic game where one person thinks of something that is animal, vegetable or mineral and the others take it in turns to ask a question or guess the answer.

  8. The Yes/No Game

    Take it in turns to have one person asking questions and one answering. The person answering the questions has to reply without saying yes or no. The fun is trying to trick them into saying yes or no.

  9. Radio Phone-in Game

    One person thinks of a topic for example, “Should twelve year olds be allowed to stay up until whenever they like?” and the others take it in turns to phone in to give their reasons why they should or shouldn’t.

  10. Guess the Accent

    Each person takes it in turns to put on a foreign accent and the others have to guess which country they are from.

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